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CA Democratic Party Delegate Election AD 62

On January 8th, the California Democratic Party will convene Delegate elections and Executive Board elections. These delegates will select the next Party Chair and Party officers in May, endorse candidates who will lead us in 2018 elections, vote to support or oppose ballot propositions, and be the backbone of our Party by deciding on our platform and positions. 

We will be electing 14 delegates from the 62nd Assembly District to the California Democratic Party - leaders who will give voice to our community and fight for the issues important to us. Registered Democrats in the communities of Marina Del Rey, Inglewood, El Segundo, Westchester, Playa del Rey, Venice, Hawthorne, Westmont, West Athens, Lennox, and Lawndale can vote!

The 62nd Assembly District humbly ask you to make your plan to vote for the 62nd AD Progressives. We are tireless, successful leaders in our communities and have worked for years on the grassroots level and with elected representatives to give a voice to the issues that affect us here at home.

Vote for D'Artagnan Scorza, Sheila Mickelson, Deana J. Becker, Betsy Butler, Fabiola Ceja, Linda Lucks, Michele Sutter, Celinda Vazquez, Alexis Edelstein, Paul Kouri, Scott Mayers, Nilo Michelin, Travis Pham, and Marc Saltzburg. Also vote for Sheila Mickelson for Executive Board member.

Who can vote: A person may participate in the ADEM if he/she: 

1) Is a Democrat residing in and registered to vote in the Assembly District. Same Day registration is allowed. 
2) Pays a $5 fee or indicates on a form that to pay the fee would constitute an economic hardship. 
3) Signs in on the sign-in sheet to indicating his or her willingness to assume an organizational responsibility for one or more precincts within the district or to assume another specified organizational responsibility for the Party.  
4) Accepts having their hand stamped prior to receiving a ballot to prevent double voting.

Here are the 62nd Assembly District Progressive Democratic Candidates:



 Sheila Mickelson

 I am a Westchester resident, community organizer, progressive political activist and lifelong Democrat. An elected  delegate since 2007, I currently serve as your Executive Board Representative. In 2010, I was honored to be named 51st AD Democrat Woman of The Year by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. As a founding principal of the Westchester- Playa Democratic Club, I served in numerous leadership capacities ranging from President to V.P. of Political Affairs. It will be my privilege to continue to be your voice as a delegate, your Executive Board Representative and a powerful advocate for the principles that unite and make us who we are as a Democratic Party. I ask for your vote. Thank you. 



 D’Artagnan Scorza, Ph.D.

 I am committed to advancing a progressive agenda that prioritizes our values and advances equity. I believe that  we must fight for what we believe in and protect vulnerable communities, the environment, and the future of our political movement. As a Delegate, I pledge to bring the type of leadership and teamwork that will help my fellow Democrats to fight for our beliefs and win elections.





 Scott Mayers

I am life-long Democrat from Philadelphia. I have professional experience in many different industries, ranging from aviation to entertainment to government to retail. CDP Delegate. Recently, I have hosted host fundraisers to advance progressive causes for Democrats at all levels of government (John Chiang, Janice Hahn, Mike Bonin, Betty Yee, Ben Allen, Ted Lieu and Chelsea Clinton, to name a few), as well as for many charitable organizations.





Celinda M. Vázquez

I’m a proud product of the 62nd Assembly District, as I was raised in Inglewood and now reside in the 62nd AD with my husband and our two children; the oldest of whom attends our local public school. Since I was young, I have committed myself to advocating for social justice. I am a lifetime progressive Democrat who has worked hard to elect Democrats in our community and across the state. Now more than ever, I’m eager to be a part of building the future of our party and would appreciate your support for the delegate position for the 62nd AD. 




 Michele Sutter

 I'm honored to be the 62nd AD 2016 Democratic Woman of the Year. I ask for your vote for a second term as a delegate.  Having chaired the successful Yes On 59 campaign this year to "Overturn Citizens United," I am more committed than ever to getting Big Money out of politics so that the pursuit of corporate profits stops being the basis for our policies.  Now more than ever California must lead the nation and a progressive Democratic Party must lead California.



 Alexis Edelstein, MBA

 As an immigrant from Latin America I was born under a military dictatorship which is why I cherish democracy.  I served as a delegate to the DNC and will be honored to have the opportunity to serve as a 62nd AD Delegate.  I am asking for your vote because our Party is at a cross roads and fundamental change is needed. I’ll fight to implement changes including campaign finance reform & environmental protections.  Thank you.






 Marc Saltzberg

 My passion is grass-roots activism – in the last election I organized and led four phone banks every week! I’ve represented your voice and concerns as President of the West LA Democratic Club, VP of my Neighborhood Council, and as your delegate to the California Democratic Party. I helped found the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club and the 53rd AD Democratic Congress; and was honored as Democrat of the Year from our AD in 2011. As your delegate, I’ll bring our progressive values to the California Democratic Party; I ask for your vote.




 Deana J. Becker

 I was elected as a Delegate for CD 37, and was then chosen by the party to attend the DNC as a Delegate At-Large.  Nothing made me prouder than to be amongst my fellow Democrats, in hopes of creating real change for the Party and the American people. 




Betsy Butler

As a proud Democratic activist and community advocate,  I was honored to represent our beautiful area in the California Assembly, where I fought for equal rights and opportunity for all, environmental justice, consumer protection, and ensuring our children, elders and veterans have a voice. I currently lead the California Women's Law Center and serve as a Commissioner for both the California Commission on Aging and the Los Angeles Probation Commission. I have been a resident in the district for nearly 30 years and would be grateful to have your support so that we can continue to work together to ensure justice and fairness for all.





Fabiola Ceja

It will be a great privilege to serve as a Democratic delegate for our district. I take pride in working with fellow residents and local organizations to encourage higher education among our youth, raise awareness on environmental issues affecting our community, and generate change through grassroots movements. As a resident of Lennox, I also value socio-economic diversity among our district and understand the importance of prioritizing the concerns and needs that affect our communities the most.


Linda Lucks

 I am a lifetime Democrat, former teacher, elected neighborhood council leader and a committed community activist in the Venice/Marina del Rey area. I appreciate the opportunity to serve as a delegate in AD 62 for another two-year term because it is more important than ever to hold on tight to the progress made by our party. It is crucial to house the homeless, protect health care, for environmental and social justice, immigration reform, women and families and for the important issues we know will be under attack.

Paul Kouri

As a former Army officer and board member of The Soldiers Project, I’m passionate about supporting our veterans. I believe education is essential for the health of our society and spent eight years as a high school teacher. Improving California’s infrastructure and the economy while helping ensure the state continues to be a progressive leader for the nation also remain priorities for me. I will be honored to represent the 62nd AD and ask for your vote.

Nilo Michilin

As a teacher, Hawthorne City Councilman, former School Board Member and former City Attorney, I have always fought for education, worker’s rights and the environment. I was raised by a single mother from Costa Rica who taught me the value of family and hard work. I will always fight for policies which help the hard working families of our district. It would be an honor to receive your support.

Travis Pham

I am an independent business owner who is dedicated to progressing Democratic values within our communities and championing equality for all individuals. As a Westchester resident, I have been committed to the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club and currently serve as Vice-President of the Operations on the Board. I ask for your vote to become a Delegate at the 2017-2018 California Democratic Conventions so I can continue to help endorse candidates who will move our communities forward. Thank you!


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